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[Xen-users] keeping correct time in guest


I know, often asked, often discussed .. No recommendation from Citrix.
What is the better solution?

1) use ntp in the XEN host and synchronize the guests with the clock
running on the control domain (independent_wallclock=0, what the
default is)
2) or use ntp in host and guest (and independent_wallclock=1)

I ask, because the XEN host (bare metal) has a more stable clock and
if the ntp servers are fail, the guest VMs can all rely on host clock,
all should guest VMs then are running in sync.
But I heard some bad things about the synchronization with the host
clock, users in internet recommend to use ntp in guest VM. My mind
tells me, to use ntp (2), but my brain in stomach is telling me, to
use syncing via XEN method (1).

Vmware recommend to use ntp in guest
but Citrix only tells, how can I do that..

One good configuration manual for using ntp in guest I've found here:

What do you use, or what experiences do you have ?

Thanks in advance

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