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[Xen-users] Debugging boot Issue

Hi, I've been slowly learning about Xen with an ultimate aim to virtualise my home server, I'm now stuck however and could really use some help.

My OS is Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS using latest stable kernel 3.5.0-37 from stock Ubuntu repos.

I've been testing with Xen-4.2.2 and more recently Xen-4.3.0, am building from source and receive no build errors.

My test hardware is a Shuttle SZ77R5 which has EFI, and an Intel Core i7 3770K with 16Gb RAM.  Using this hardware I can successfully boot into Xen (v4.2.2 & 4.3) and create guests using Xen-Tools and connect either via console or VNC.  The boot uses grub2-efi and I have Xen as a menu item, I have not edited the kernel options for either Xen or the dom0 kernel and so they are the default as populated by grub.  [Once I was able to successfully re-create the above I moved to deploy onto my home server.]

My home server is a Zotac Z77-ITX-E mobo, Intel Core i3 3220T with 16Gb RAM, 4x Seagate 2Tb disks in RAID 10 and a 64Gb mSata SSD which I use for boot and OS.  I follow the steps  I've used to complete on my test system however Xen fails to boot post grub.  The screen output is as follows...

Loading Xen 4xxxxxx
WARNING: no console will be able to OS
Loading vmlinuz-3.5.0-37-generic ...
Loading initial ramdisk ...

The above screen output also shows on my test system from a brief moment before the Xen and dom0 kernel output shows.  However on my home server the above shows for a number of seconds until a reboot occurs, the system then continually loops until I intervene.

With still being new to Xen I'm uncertain as to the likely candidate(s) for my issue, I've consulted the Xen Wiki as this scenario is listed but none of the kernel parameters e.g. nomodeset, earlyprintk=xen etc produce any different results.  I have no serial port to create a console connection with and the Zotac mobo has no IPMI/SoL capability.

Is the problem likely to be with the Xen kernel or with the dom0 kernel?  I read reports that Xen has some compatibility issues with certain chipsets but also read that dom0 kernels from mainline distro's aren't as Xen-prep'd as they could be.

I've also tested installing Xen 4.1 via the Ubuntu repo using apt and get similar results.

I recognised there isn't much to go on with the above but any recommended debug approaches would be appreciated.


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