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Re: [Xen-users] Linux Fiber or iSCSI SAN

Hi all,

I'm enjoying learning about things I haven't heard of or weren't stable when I 
made my choices years ago...

Just a thought... I've got an old system myself (DRDB - raid mirrors backed to 
another server without mirror - two servers running kind of reciprocal:

A-Vol1 (raid1) -----> B Vol3 (single drive)
A-Vo2 (raid1) -----> B Vol4 (single drive)
A-Vol3 (single drive) <----- B Vol1 (raid1)
A-Vol4 (single drive) <----- B Vol2 (raid1)

The idea being that a failure reduces performance - doesn't result in a server 
being idle.

So far so good.

Might be nice to see some of the reasoning behind some of these architecture 
choices that more might benefit from the knowledge (or learn more from 
feedback) as people get to dissect the reason they chose "raid X on file system 
Y" for their environment.

I'm enjoying the information - hope I can make use of it next time I can afford 
/ need to upgrade.



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