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[Xen-users] Boot time wrong on VM (PV on xen 4.1 debian)


I'm booting some Ubuntu 12.04 ( kernel 3.2.x ) on a Debian Xen 4.1
(kernel 3.8.x) and the time is wrong at boot, sometime by quite a bit
of time (I've seen several minutes).

What is the process for a VM to acquire it's initial wall clock time ?
And is anyone aware of issues with it ?  I've seen some recent talk in
 -dev but that was PVHVM, here it's just standard PV stuff.



PS: Yes, I have NTP sync and so a few minutes after boot it's all
cleared but NTP takes some time to kick in and some early stuff is
logged  / started with wrong timestamp and this is causing issue.
The default Ubuntu NTP startup script also doesn't force immediate
blocking sync on boot so, if I want that, I need to maintain one more
thing that's different from stock config.

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