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Re: [Xen-users] Creating bridged network

> But the bridged network could not be configured using the commands and steps 
> on the Internet... is it that hard to do in CentOS?

So, you tried to follow some unspecified instructions and they don't work. 
Sorry, but my crystal ball has never worked properly so I've no idea what 
you've tried and what the results were !


and the first result that comes up for me is
which seems to give instructions that make sense (I don't use CentOS or RH 

If you want sensible help, then it might be better if you specify exactly what 
you've tried, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened. "I did 
<something I'm not specifying> and it didn't work" is **NOT** in any way a 
reasonable request for help. You should go and read

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