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[Xen-users] DomU stalls, no CPU activity

  • To: xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: "Mike Egglestone" <mike@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2013 08:43:20 -0700
  • Delivery-date: Thu, 06 Jun 2013 15:44:07 +0000
  • List-id: Xen user discussion <xen-users.lists.xen.org>

After a few days, one of my DomU becomes unresponsive.

Here's the output of my DomU's.

root@xenII:/var/log/xen# xl list
Name                                        ID   Mem VCPUs      State   Time(s)
Domain-0                                     0  7126     2     r-----  723932.0
redhat-sdsweb                               11  4091     2     -b----   92633.1
w2k8-AD                                     79 16373     4     -b----   35009.8
w2k8-Quantum                               194  8181     2     -b----   40529.0
debian-ADSamba                             196  2043     2     ------    1358.4
w2k8-RD                                    199 16379     4     -b----    1842.7

The DomU that always stalls after a few days is the ID 196.
I can't ssh to this server, and the vnc console is gone.
The Dom0 and all other DomU's are fine.

I have to destory the DomU and re-start it again. The logs in the DomU (Debian Wheezy) don't
suggest any kind of crash.
I'm not sure if any of the xen logs on the Dom0 will tell me anything. Not sure where to look.

I believe also that during heavy network load on the DomU is when it hangs. (but not confirmed)
Here's the output of my DomU config.

kernel = "/usr/lib/xen-4.1/boot/hvmloader"
memory = 2048
vcpus = '1'
pae = 1
acpi = 1
apic = 1
name = "debian-ADSamba"
vif = [ 'model=e1000, mac=00:58:00:00:00:05, bridge=xenbr1' ]
disk = [ 'file:/home/XEN_A/debian-ADSamba/disk.img,xvda,w', 'file:/root/ISO/debian.iso,xvdc:cdrom,r' ]

device_model = '/usr/lib/xen-4.1/bin/qemu-dm'
# boot on floppy (a), hard disk (c) or CD-ROM (d)
# default: hard disk, cd-rom, floppy


I have no clue where to start troubleshooting.
Here's my xen setup:

root@xenII:~# dpkg -l |grep xen
ii  libxen-4.1                         4.1.4-3+deb7u1            amd64        Public libs for Xen
ii  libxenstore3.0                     4.1.4-3+deb7u1            amd64        Xenstore communications library for Xen
ii  xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64           4.1.4-3+deb7u1            amd64        Xen Hypervisor on AMD64
ii  xen-tools                          4.3.1-1                   all          Tools to manage Xen virtual servers
ii  xen-utils-4.1                      4.1.4-3+deb7u1            amd64        XEN administrative tools
ii  xen-utils-common                   4.1.4-3+deb7u1            all          Xen administrative tools - common files
ii  xenstore-utils                     4.1.4-3+deb7u1            amd64        Xenstore utilities for Xen
root@xenII:~# uname -a
Linux xenII.sd57.bc.ca 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.41-2 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Any help to troubleshoot this would be great!
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