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Re: [Xen-users] AMD-Vi/Intel VT-d: Passthrough or virtualization?

>> Besides BIOS options another huge problem I encountered was PCI Bridges on 
>> boards with >> lots of PCI Express slots, which are an extra layer and not 
>> always compatible with
>> IOMMU.  This caused me a lot of headaches when I bought an ASRock Z68 
>> Extreme7
>> Gen3, as the NF200 PCI Bridge broke all but one PCI Express slot from being 
>> compatible.  Knowing which controllers on the board map to which devices on 
>> the
>> otherhand is not mentioned in the board manual, so for example the 5 USB 
>> controllers on >> my current board I had to figure out their mappings 
>> manually, and one is shared with the
>> BlueTooth, so that's another hardware concern.

This is very interesting. Could you please explain this a little more.
From what I understand we need to map the PCI bridge back to possible
peripherals (usb, ethernet etc..), that can be sharing resources with
them? Is this also an issue with a board with say 2 PCIe slots vs.

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