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Re: [Xen-users] A10 or A8 with xen

> AMD's latest APUs (CPU + GPU) are numbered A6, A8, and A10. These are laptop and desktop CPUs.
> Similar to how Intel CPUs are numbered i3, i5, and i7.
> The question is whether or not it's possible to passthrough the integrated GPU.

You may want to check this Thread:


I'm interesed on building a machine using a Trinity APU to use with GPU virtualization. However, the data on AMD-Vi support on Socket FM1 and FM2 platforms is VERY limited. I even sended a Ticket to AMD support 3 weeks ago and they never replied, so I will possibily send another one asking again.
Basically, the very little info I was able to gather from other users is that you need a Motherboard with the A85X Chipset to have AMD-Vi support. I will have to spam AMD support until I get more details regarding support on other Chipsets, and if you also need a specific Processor model like Intel that got VT-d on some models, but its excluded on others.
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