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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.2.1 unable to get domain type for domid

On 18/02/13 20:17, Andrew Eross wrote:
Hi guys,

I eventually gave up and went back to Xen 4.1.4, which works perfectly fine using the exact same install method and Ubuntu domU configuration, but just with xm.

I wrote up how I did the Xen 4.2.1 install here for reference -

And the Xen 4.1.4 install here -

I hope maybe some others could give it a try and see if they also are unable to install Ubuntu domUs with xl on 4.2.1 like I'd been trying to.


I have 12.04 DomU's running under 12.04 Dom0 on self compiled 4.2.1, using xl toolstack

The only issue I have had is that 12.04 DomU ends up with a non-PAE kernel, which needs to be fixed after the install. 12.10 DomU's don't appear to suffer this. No idea what the difference is between our set-ups, although I just use LVMs and always specify a MAC address.

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