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[Xen-users] Xen + spice video performance


We want to use Xen with spice and we are testing to make sure we can get
reasonable video performance from it, but our tests are so far not
GUI is slow, the mouse pointer doesn't move smoothly and Youtube videos go
step by step (we had the worst performance with cirrus video, followed by
qxl, followed by stdvga).
A comparative test on qemu-kvm with qxl and spice showed none of these
problems (same hardware, same guest system (Debian wheezy), qxl driver and
spice-vdagent installed).

Can someone help us understand what is currently the bottleneck of video
performance in Xen + spice, and how far we are from a solution?
What can we do to narrow down the problem?
What needs to be done to have a working qxl in Xen?


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