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[Xen-japanese] FYI: FSIJ 9月例会


çççãNguyen Anh Quynh ãããFSIJãïæääã eKimono ããããèãããã
ããã: eKimono: A Malware Scanner for Virtual Machines
éåææ 2009å9æ28æ(æææï 18:30 ã 20:30
åæ: æäéåäçååçç1-18-13 çèåãããã 1101 
    : ççèææäçææèçåççæ çèåäææ 
      11é äèåå: åäèå1 
Nguyen Anh Quynh ããã eKimono ãèãäãããã eKimonoã Virtual

èè Nguyen Anh Quynh (AIST) 

This talk presents eKimono, a new malware scanner for Virtual Machine
(VM). By putting eKimono outside of the protected VM, we can fix, or
raise the bar in other cases, the most significant flaws in the legacy
anti-malware solutions. Advantages offered by our scanner include, but
not limited to, the followings: firstly, eKimono is tamper-resistant
against malware inside VM, even if the malware compromises the VMâs
kernel. Secondly, it is harder to be fooled, because eKimono does not
rely on the services provided by VM. Last, but not least, our scanner
is invisible from VM, so that malware inside never know that they are
being monitored.

The architecture and implementation of eKimono will be discussed in
length. We will show how our scanner easily supports hypervisors like
Xen, KVM and QEMU out-of-the-box. The talk will also demonstrate that
it is trivial to support other types of VM, such as VMWare, thanks to
its extremely flexible design.

Technically, eKimono is a top component of a multiple framework
architecture. The talk analyses all the layers and explains how we
solve challenges in designing and implementing eKimono. The extended
application of the below layers is also examined to prove that our
frameworks are not just useful for eKimono, but can also be the base
to create many new tools, such as such as live memory forensic and VM
administration, for VM.

To conclude, this presentation entertains the audience with some live
demo on detecting several popular kernel and user-space root-kits in
Windows VM.


SysCan'09 Singapore 2-3/Jul (Singapore)
  Outspect: Live Memory Forensic and Incident Response for Virtual Machine

Xcon 2009 18-19/Aug (China)
   Detecting rootkits inside Virtual Machine

FrHack 2009 7-8/Sep (France)
  Memory forensic and incident response for live virtual machine (VM)

HITBSecConf 2009 06-09/Oct (Malaysia)
  eKimono: A Malware Scanner for Virtual Machines

DeepSec 2009 17-20/Nov (Austria)
  eKimono: detecting rootkits inside Virtual Machine

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