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Re: [PATCH 1/3] tools/tests: Drop obsolete running scripts

On 13/01/2021 13:03, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Andrew Cooper writes ("[PATCH 1/3] tools/tests: Drop obsolete running 
> scripts"):
>> The python unit tests were dropped in Xen 4.12 due to being obsolete, but the
>> scripts to run the tests were missed.  Clean up .gitignore as well
> I'm happy with this part.
>> Also drop the libxenctrl {C,LD}FLAGS adjustments in the Makefile.  This logic
>> isn't used, and isn't appropriate even in principle, as there are tests in
>> here which don't want to use libxenctrl.
> It's not clear to me that it's EBW to link all the tests to libxenctrl
> simply to make the build easier.
> In a later patch you add these settings back as part of a particular
> test target.
> I don't much mind it being done this way, and you've done the work, so
> I am giving this my ack, but I just wanted to register my qualm in
> case you had a second thought.

These lines aren't used, because this Makefile doesn't compile/link any
code.  They don't apply to subdirs.

More than half the remaining content in tests/ really are unit tests,
and must not be linked against libxc if they want to be run outside of
dom0 (e.g. the developers build box.)

> FTR, however, IMO the -DXC_WANT_COMPAT_DEVICEMODEL_API that you move
> to a specific test program in a later patch is something that ought
> not to be applied to all tests, so there doing it that way is
> necessary - thanks.
> Acked-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>





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