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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 5/6] x86/ucode: Alter ops->free_patch() to free the entire patch

On 19.03.2020 16:26, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> The data layout for struct microcode_patch is extremely poor, and
> unnecessarily complicated.  Almost all of it is opaque to core.c, with the
> exception of free_patch().
> Move the responsibility for freeing the patch into the free_patch() hook,
> which will allow each driver to do a better job.

But that wrapper structure is something common, i.e. to be
allocated as well as to be freed (preferably) by common code.
We did specifically move there during review of the most
recent re-work.

However, having taken a look also at the next patch I wonder
why you even retain that wrapper structure containing just
a single pointer? Why can't what is now
struct microcode_{amd,intel} become struct microcode_patch,
with - as you say there - different per-vendor layout which
is opaque to common code?

> Take the opportunity to make the hooks idempotent.

I'm having difficulty seeing what part of the patch this is


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