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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Add -MP to CFLAGS along with -MMD.

David Woodhouse writes ("Re: [PATCH] Add -MP to CFLAGS along with -MMD."):
> OK... I have attempted to address my frustration in a more coherent and
> hopefully productive way (qv), rather than resorting to monosyllabic
> responses. Apologies for that.
> Back to the specifics of this patch...

Wow.  Impressive.  Thank you for the comprehensive explanation.

Supposing you put all that in the commit message:
  Acked-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
(for the original patch)

If you were feeling dynamic, getting the gcc does (and maybe the make
docs) improved would be nice.

> So no, I don't think using -MP is going to break our handling of auto-
> generated header files, but we'd have known that from a trivial
> empirical build test within seconds, wouldn't we?

Unfortuantely in these days of many-core cpus, empirical tests showing
that the makefile works this time do not necessarily mean it will work
every time.  Maybe that wasn't a concern in this case, but my
experience in general teaches me not to rely solely on tests other
than to answer very narrow questions.

Sorry that this was frustrating in this case, but I think that some of
the lossage from our (sometimes appalling) makefiles has arisen due to
patches being committed that appeared to work at the time.  So I don't
think your research was wasted effort.

Anyway, I applaud your efforts to improve our Makefiles.


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