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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 2/2] libxl: make creation of xenstore 'suspend event channel' node optional...

Paul Durrant writes ("RE: [PATCH v2 2/2] libxl: make creation of xenstore 
'suspend event channel' node optional..."):
> So, naming-wise... 'xend_compat', or is that too vague?
> >   - the ~/device writeability is controlled by the same compat flag,
> >      with corresponding update to the docs for the compat flag
> >   - adding an entry for the top-level ~/device to
> >      xenstore-paths.pandoc
> > 
> > But I am open to other approaches.
> That all sounds fine.

We had this conversation on IRC:

17:01  * Diziet reads.
17:02 <Diziet> I think "xend_compat" is a bit of a vague name, yes.  
               "xend_suspend_evtchn_compat" maybe ?
17:03 <Diziet> xadimgnik: Would it be possible to put into the xl.cfg(5) doc 
               bit for this something about *which* pv drivers are likely to be 
               affected ?  I think that would help users (at the very least, it 
               would help them dismiss it if it wasn't relevant to them).
17:23 <xadimgnik> Diziet: sure, I can add some text and the name is ok
17:31 <Diziet> Thanks.
17:31 <Diziet> Shall I c&p this into an email or will you do that ?
17:35 <xadimgnik> Diziet: it'd be helpful if you did it, thanks

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