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Re: [Xen-devel] Stopping much Linux testing in Xen Project CI

On 12.03.20 17:49, Ian Jackson wrote:
Linux stable branches, and Linux upstream tip, are badly broken and
have been for months.  Apparently no-one is able to (or has time to)
to investigate and fix.

   linux-4.4          218 days         to be suspended
   linux-4.9          134 days         to be suspended
   linux-4.14         134 days         to be suspended
   linux-4.19         134 days         to be suspended
   linux-5.4           55 days
   linux-arm-xen     up to date
   linux-linus        372 days         to be suspended

These are times since the last push - ie, how long it has been broken.
Evidently no-one is paying any attention to this.[1]  I looked at the
reports myself and:

Nested HVM is broken on Intel in all of the 4.x branches.

I was looking into the test failures multiple times, and always found
that problem. Honestly I don't see how this should be the kernel's
fault, so I rather quick gave up each time.


Linux 4.4 has some intermittent guest start failure for 32-bit PV.

Linux 4.14 does not boot on 32-bit ARM.  There are also some 64-bit
x86 migration failures.

The most recent reports (last week or two) are afflicted by underlying
CI problems - what look like sticky PDU relays, or what may be
problems in the Debian mirror network (I have definitely seen problems
there), so the reports are rather noisy.  Sorry about that.  I am
trying to improve this situation but it is quite difficult [2].  But
overall it is clear that the underlying code is broken.

I know I have said so before: I still think that our tests relying on
the Debian servers (and their ongoing support for a selected version)
is not the optimal setup.


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