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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST v2 2/2] make-flight: add dom0 PVH test

Roger Pau Monne writes ("[PATCH OSSTEST v2 2/2] make-flight: add dom0 PVH 
> Add a dom0 PVH test, the test to be run is launching a PV guest
> (test-debian). Note the PVH dom0 tests are only enabled for Xen >=
> 4.13.
> The runvar difference is:

Are you sure this is still true ?  It doesn't mention the iommu host
flag which

> +      job_create_test test-$xenarch$kern-$dom0arch-dom0pvh-xl-$cpuvendor \
> +                test-debian xl $xenarch $dom0arch $debian_runvars \
> +                all_hostflags=$most_hostflags,hvm-$cpuvendor,iommu \
> +                xen_boot_append='dom0=pvh,verbose'

appears here.  So please regenerate this.

I gave your previous version a Reviewed-by.  Is this the only thing
you changed ?


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