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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/9] x86: reduce include dependencies

In a number of cases I've noticed the x86 emulator, which is quite
slow to build especially with not very new gcc, to re-build when
having changed headers which I wouldn't have expected to be
included there in the first place. Hence I've gone through the
dependencies of that object file and tried to get rid of at least
some of the very odd dependencies there. (Some are being addressed
also be the separately sent mem-access and vm-event patches with a
similar subject.)

1: HVM: reduce domain.h include dependencies
2: HVM: reduce vcpu.h include dependencies
3: HVM: reduce vpt.h include dependencies
4: HVM: reduce vpic.h include dependencies
5: HVM: reduce vioapic.h include dependencies
6: HVM: reduce vlapic.h include dependencies
7: HVM: reduce io.h include dependencies
8: HVM: reduce hvm.h include dependencies
9: reduce mce.h include dependencies


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