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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/5] IOMMU: restrict visibility/scope if certain variables

A number of the command line controlled variables are x86-
or even x86-HVM-specific. Don't have those variables elsewhere
in the first place (in some cases replace them by a #define),
and as a result also don't silently accept such "iommu="
sub-options which in fact have no effect.

1: iommu_intremap is x86-only
2: iommu_intpost is x86/HVM-only
3: iommu_igfx is x86-only
4: iommu_qinval is x86-only
5: iommu_snoop is x86-only

The series contextually depends on "AMD/IOMMU: without XT,
x2APIC needs to be forced into physical mode"

v2 addresses review comments, at least as far as agreement was
reached. See individual patches.


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