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[Xen-devel] preparations for 4.11.4


the release is due by the end of March. Please point out backports
you find missing from the respective staging branch, but which you
consider relevant. These commits I've queued already on top of
what was just pushed (albeit I didn't check their applicability
yet to this oldest of our fully maintained trees; the latter two
likely aren't, for example):

15c39c7c913f    x86/vPMU: don't blindly assume IA32_PERF_CAPABILITIES MSR exists
98ed1f43cc2c    sched: fix error path in cpupool_unassign_cpu_start()
73b47eea2104    x86/dom0: improve PVH initrd and metadata placement
faf0d606a6eb    iommu: fix check for autotranslated hardware domain


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