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Re: [Xen-devel] minimum Python version

>>> On 20.09.17 at 09:20, <jgross@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> For your case: what about adding a configure option to disable building
> the python bindings (and any dependencies like e.g. pygrub) instead of
> doing so in case of a version mismatch? This would avoid any surprises
> in case someone didn't notice that the bindings have been disabled.

That's certainly an option, but I'm generally not very happy with
having to add such options. My script invoking configure becomes
more and more unreadable because of such, since this way the
requirement to do the version check gets moved from the build
system (i.e. configure, whose job this is imo) to that script. And
as you can probably understand I don't want to unilaterally
disable the building of that code, to be able to build test possible
changes I may end up making to e.g. libxc.

IOW if such a configure option was added, I'd still think it should
default to disabled if the Python in use is not new enough.


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