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Re: [Xen-devel] implement runqueue per cpupool

On 12/09/17 02:45, anshulmakkar wrote:
> Attached patch series introduces the concept of  runqueue
> per cpupool.
> "runqueue" configuration option can be specified with xl command
> while configuring cpupool. This will define the basis for 
> grouping of cpus (cpu, core, socket, all) in that cpupool.
> Series is combined of following patches:
> [PATCH 1/3]: libxc related changes to add support for runqueue per cpupool
> [PATCH 2/3]: libxl related changes to add support for runqueue per cpupool
> [PATCH 3/3]: xen related changes.
> On similar lines we can also have runqueue per pool configuration parameter
> for Credit scheduler. I plan to send a separate patch series for credit
> specific implementation.

This series won't compile when patch 3 isn't applied.

You need to split patch 3 into two: one patch to extend the hypercall
interface which should go in first, and the other part of the hypervisor
code being the last patch.


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