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Re: [Xen-devel] USB passthrough with Xen on ARM


On 12/09/17 11:00, Juergen Gross wrote:
On 12/09/17 10:13, Roger Quadros wrote:

I'm running Xen v4.9 on DRA7 (OMAP5/ArmV7) with Linux kernel v3.14 (yikes!!) on 
dom0 and domU.
I'm struggling to get USB passthrough working using pvUSB.

My domU config file contains
    usb = 1
    usbctrl = ['type=qusb,version=2,ports=4', 'type=qusb,version=1, ports=4', ]

I can see the vusb-0 and vusb-1 platform devices in /sys/devices

And the following message on domU kernel log
[    1.849572] xenbus_probe_frontend: Device with no driver: device/vusb/0
[    1.849627] xenbus_probe_frontend: Device with no driver: device/vusb/1

This means that there is no device driver for the vusb host controllers.

What is the way forward? Do I need to apply some patches to the domU kernel to
add support for the USB frontend HCD drivers?

This is one mandatory step, yes. You'll need:


The question is whether this will be enough for you to make it work: the
pvusb backend is qemu based. I'm not sure this will just work on ARM.

Backends in QEMU should just work with ARM. Although, I haven't tried the PVUSB one.


Julien Grall

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