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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Unicore Subproject Proposal

Hi Stefano,

>> ----------
>> The reason behind making Unicore a Xen sub-project project is to (1)
>> the existence of Unicore to the attention of the Xen community
>> and to outside world; (2) to attempt to harness interest and potentially
>> development cycles from people and companies interested in
>> unikernels; and (3) to concentrate maintenance resources from people
>> interested in unikernels within the community.
>Also (4) to have a legal entity behind the project.

Good point, thanks.

>> License
>> -------
>> The main license of the run-time components of Unicore will be a
>> BSD license, unless there is a good reason not to use it (e.g. we may
>> import 2-clause BSD licensed code from Mini-OS, which we would *not*
>> anticipate to change). The Makefile system would be licensed under GPL
>> or later as we want to be able to use KConfig functionality from
>> Buildroot/Linux.
>This is genuine question, I am not trying to be provocative: why
>3-clause instead of 2-clause like MiniOS? You might want to add a note
>to explain the reason for this choice.

Ok, we will, thanks. Basically NEC is fairly protective of its name and
logo and we’re forced to use the 3-clause license to make sure that the
name doesn’t for instance get attached to a “bad” product.

Thanks for the feedback!

— Felipe


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