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[Xen-devel] [ovmf baseline-only test] 72052: all pass

This run is configured for baseline tests only.

flight 72052 ovmf real [real]

Perfect :-)
All tests in this flight passed as required
version targeted for testing:
 ovmf                 1cc0f69bbecc8a67969d6c1eae495ca95af6c63c
baseline version:
 ovmf                 17cbf7359f04a4eb762b2b4bc26c2df635ef2812

Last test of basis    72050  2017-09-01 07:49:12 Z    0 days
Testing same since    72052  2017-09-01 21:18:11 Z    0 days    1 attempts

People who touched revisions under test:
  Meenakshi Aggarwal <meenakshi.aggarwal@xxxxxxx>

 build-amd64-xsm                                              pass    
 build-i386-xsm                                               pass    
 build-amd64                                                  pass    
 build-i386                                                   pass    
 build-amd64-libvirt                                          pass    
 build-i386-libvirt                                           pass    
 build-amd64-pvops                                            pass    
 build-i386-pvops                                             pass    
 test-amd64-amd64-xl-qemuu-ovmf-amd64                         pass    
 test-amd64-i386-xl-qemuu-ovmf-amd64                          pass    

sg-report-flight on osstest.xs.citrite.net
logs: /home/osstest/logs
images: /home/osstest/images

Logs, config files, etc. are available at

Test harness code can be found at

Push not applicable.

commit 1cc0f69bbecc8a67969d6c1eae495ca95af6c63c
Author: Meenakshi Aggarwal <meenakshi.aggarwal@xxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed Aug 30 19:50:58 2017 +0530

    EmbeddedPkg: MmcDxe - Recieve response was missing after CMD12
    We are not recieving the response from memory card after
    sending CMD 12. It was not resulting in any failure but
    we should recieve response after sending a command.
    Signed-off-by: Meenakshi Aggarwal <meenakshi.aggarwal@xxxxxxx>
    Reviewed-by: Jun Nie <jun.nie@xxxxxxxxxx>
    Reviewed-by: Leif Lindholm <leif.lindholm@xxxxxxxxxx>

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