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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 REPOST 12/12] x86/hvm/ioreq: add a new mappable resource type...

On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 10:46 AM, Paul Durrant <Paul.Durrant@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > +    /*
>> > +     * Allocated IOREQ server pages are assigned to the emulating
>> > +     * domain, not the target domain. This is because the emulator is
>> > +     * likely to be destroyed after the target domain has been torn
>> > +     * down, and we must use MEMF_no_refcount otherwise page
>> allocation
>> > +     * could fail if the emulating domain has already reached its
>> > +     * maximum allocation.
>> > +     */
>> > +    iorp->page = alloc_domheap_page(currd, MEMF_no_refcount);
>> I don't really like the fact that the page is not accounted for any
>> domain, but I can see the point in doing it like that (which you
>> argument in the comment).
>> IIRC there where talks about tightening the accounting of memory
>> pages, so that ideally everything would be accounted for in the memory
>> assigned to the domain.
>> Just some random through, but could the toolstack set aside some
>> memory pages (ie: not map them into the domain p2m), that could then
>> be used by this? (not asking you to do this here)
>> And how many pages are we expecting to use for each domain? I assume
>> the number will be quite low.
> Yes, I agree the use on MEMF_no_refcount is not ideal and you do highlight an 
> issue: I don't think there is currently an upper limit on the number of ioreq 
> servers so an emulating domain could exhaust memory using the new scheme. 
> I'll need to introduce a limit to avoid that.

I'm not terribly happy with allocating out-of-band pages either.  One
of the advantages of the way things are done now (with the page
allocated to the guest VM) is that it is more resilient to unexpected
events:  If the domain dies before the emulator is done, you have a
"zombie" domain until the process exits.  But once the process exits
for any reason -- whether crashing or whatever -- the ref is freed and
the domain can finish dying.

What happens in this case if the dm process in dom0 is killed /
segfaults before it can unmap the page?  Will the page be properly
freed, or will it just leak?

I don't immediately see an advantage to doing what you're doing here,
instaed of just calling hvm_alloc_ioreq_gfn().  The only reason you
give is that the domain is usually destroyed before the emulator
(meaning a short period of time where you have a 'zombie' domain), but
I don't see why that's an issue -- it doesn't seem like that's worth
the can of worms that it opens up.


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