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Re: [Xen-devel] crashdump on PVM Dom0

>>> On 28.08.17 at 12:45, <nickeysgo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Oh!! I'm so sorry Jan Beulich.
> It is my first time to use this mailing list.
> Please understand my fault, this time only.
> Anyway, as you mentioned, I added below line in '/etc/default/grub' file
> and reboot:
>> GRUB_CMDLINE_XEN="crashkernel=384M-:256M@64M"
> Then,
> 1. I cannot see anything when I type "grep -i crash /proc/iomem"
> 2. I can see kernel log of Xen hypervisor when I type "sudo xl dmesg | grep
> -i crash":
> (XEN) Command line: placeholder crashkernel=384M-:256M@64M
> I suppose a 'crashkernel' cmdline option of either Xen hypervisor or Dom0
> kernel can be enabled.
> I know it is quite difficult to advise some problems online but, could you
> give me a piece of hint?

I'm not sure what else hint you're after. You can check the log
so see whether the option was accepted. I'm not sure /proc/iomem
is supposed to have any indication of the crash area.


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