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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V2 9/25] tools/libxl: build DMAR table for a guest with one virtual VTD

On 2017年08月22日 21:48, Wei Liu wrote:
>> > Hi, Wei
>> > Thanks for your comments.
>> > 
>> > iirc, HVM only supports one module; DMAR cannot be a new module. Joining to
>> > the existing one is the approach we are taking. 
>> > 
>> > Which kind of conflicts you think should be resolved? If you mean I
>> > forget to free the old buf, I will fix this. If you mean the potential
>> > overlap between the binary passed by admin and DMAR table built here, I
>> > don't have much idea on this. Even without the DMAR table, the binary
>> > may contains MADT or other tables and tool stacks don't intrepret the
>> > binary and check whether there are conflicts, right?
>> > 
> Thinking a bit more about this, when I first said "conflicts" I didn't
> mean to parse the content. I was referring to the code in
> libxl_x86_apci.c which also seems to manipulate acpi_modules.

Code in libxl_x86_acpi.c works for Hvmlite/PVHv2. The code we added is
for hvm guest.

> I would like the code to generate dmar take into consideration
> libxl__dom_load_acpi.

If add dmar table for hvmlite, we should combine dmar table with other
ACPI table and populate into acpi_modules[2]. This is how hvmlite add
other ACPI tables in libxl__dom_load_acpi().

Best regards
Tianyu Lan

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