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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/19] libxl/xl: add PVH guest type


This series adds a new PVH guest type to libxl/xl, this supersedes the
current PVHv2 implementation, that relies on using the "none" device
model version.

As part of this series a new xl option is also implemented, called
"type" that supersedes the current "builder" option. A "firmware"
option is also introduced in order to have a uniform way of loading
firmwares for all guest types (HVM, PV and PVH).

Patch 1 lifts some fields from the libxl_domain_build_info domain
specific sub-structs into libxl_domain_build_info itself, so they can
be used by all domain types. Patches 2 and 3 introduce the new type
and firmware options. Patch 4 introduces the PVH guest type to libxl.

Patches from 5 to 17 add PVH support to all the needed functions, this
could be considered a single patch, but I've tried to split it in
order to ease the review. The current split is done on a per file

Finally patch 18 adds PVH support to xl and patch 19 removes the
device model version "none".

This implementation is based on the discussion held during the
Budapest XenSummit [0].

I've tested the creation and migration of PVH guests, which seems to
be all OK. I've also run an osstest flight with this series, the
output can be seen at:


(Only accessible from the Citrix internal network, sorry)

Sadly quite a lot of HVM test failed due to internal Debian apt cache

Configure the package manager

The installer failed to access the mirror. This may be a problem with your 
network, or with the mirror. You can choose to retry the download, select a 
different mirror, or ignore the problem and continue without all the packages 
from this mirror.
Downloading a file failed:
  1: Retry [*],  2: Change mirror,      3: Ignore, 

Thanks, Roger.

[0] https://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2017-07/msg01442.html

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