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Re: [Xen-devel] [For 4.9] Updating https://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Xen_Project_Release_Features to reflect support status of new features


I wanted to bump this thread. I saw that the page still contain "Note that we will add complete information related to Xen Project 4.9, in the week after the 4.9 release.".

It looks like to me we added some features, but I am not sure if we added all of them.


On 27/06/17 09:53, Lars Kurth wrote:
Hi all, (I think I CCed all stake-holders)

to finish off the release documentation for 4.9, I need to add an extra
to https://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Xen_Project_Release_Features –
because I was travelling, this dropped of my radar. There several
decisions to be made:
A) Decide which "features" to add
B) Decide on the status of the feature
C) Deal with status changes of any past features

The first goal would be to decide on A and any new "features" under C.
For B, I am OK to add "???" for now and point to this thread, until we
have concluded the discussion

Note that I tracked some of this as preparation for getting CNA status.
 Items marked with * are not yet in the discussion document that I
created for the security team and which we intend to discuss at the summit.

For all of these, the naming convention is "Section in document" >
"Feature" : "Support status". The definition of support status is added
at the end of the mail: note that the text has not yet been fully
agreed, but seems to reflect fairly well how we handled stuff in the past.

== On A / B: I think we should add ==
- Resource Management > Null Scheduler : tech preview or experimental
- Virtual Firmware or PV Bootloader Support (not sure which) >  x86/Boot
Xen on EFI platforms using GRUB2*  : ???
- Hardware > ARM/Alternative Runtime Patching (ARM32 and ARM64): ???
[note that this should probably have been added for 4.8, but I didn't
add it]
- Hardware > ARM/System Error Protection* : ???
- Hardware > ARM/Wait for Virtual Interrupt* : ???
- Hardware > x86/AVX512/Neural Network Instructions AVX512_4VNNIW* : ???
- Hardware > x86/AVX512/Multiply Accumulation Single precision
AVX512_4FMAPS* : ???
- Device Models > DMOP (Device Model Operation Hypercall)  : ???

New Heading:  PV Protocols and Drivers
- PV Protocols and Drivers > pvcalls : tech preview or experimental
- PV Protocols and Drivers > 9pfs : tech preview or experimental
- PV Protocols and Drivers* > sndif (sound device) : tech preview or
- PV Protocols and Drivers* > displif (PV display) : tech preview or

Did I miss anything?

== On C ==
- Security > Live Patching -
- Security > Alternative 2pm : Supported – I think we should split this
out – it is currently implicitly covered under "Virtual Machine

If we introduce a new heading "PV Protocols and Drivers" we should
probably list all the common ones as supported in this heading, e.g.
- PV Protocols and Drivers* > default (net, block, console, keyboard,
mouse) : supported

There are also USB and framebuffer, which I am not sure whether they
should be supported and if not, what their status is
- PV Protocols and Drivers* > USB : ???
- PV Protocols and Drivers* > framebuffer : ???

Suggestions are welcome

Best Regards


## Definitions

### User-facing Support Criteria

 * **Functionally complete:** Does it behave like a fully functional
   feature?  Does it work on all expected platforms, or does it only work
   for a very specific sub-case?  Does it have a sensible UI, or do you
   have to have a deep understanding of the internals to get it to work

 * **Functional stability:** What is the risk of it exhibiting bugs?

   General answers to the above:

   - *Here be dragons*: Pretty likely to still crash / fail to work.  Not
     recommended unless you like life on the bleeding edge.
   - *Quirky*: Mostly works but may have odd behavior here and there.
     Recommended for playing around or for non-production use cases.
   - *Normal*: Ready for production use

*  **Interface stability:**  If I build a system based on the current
   interfaces, will they still work when I upgrade to the next version?

   - *Not stable*: Interface is still in the early stages and still fairly
     likely to be broken in future updates.
   - *Provisionally stable*: We're not yet promising backwards
     compatibility, but we think this is probably the final form of the
     interface.  It may still require some tweaks.
   - *Stable*: We will try very hard to avoid breaking backwards
     compatibility, and to fix any regressions that are reported.

*  **Security supported:** Will XSAs be issued if security-related bugs are
   discovered in the functionality?

### Definition of Support Labels

Rather than specify each level above, we have some short-hand labels
that we use to denote general answer to the above questions.

# Experimental
 Functional completeness: No
 Functional stability: Here be dragons
 Interface stability: Not stable
 Security supported: No

# Tech Preview
 Functional completeness: Yes
 Functional stability: Quirky
 Interface stability: Provisionally stable
 Security supported: No.

# Supported
 Functional completeness: Yes
 Functional stability: Normal
 Interface stability: Yes
 Security supported: Yes

# Deprecated
 Functional completeness: Yes
 Functional stability: Quirky
 Interface stability: No (as in, may disappear the next release)
 Security supported: Yes

Julien Grall

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