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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] x86: fix printed messages in arch_set_info_hvm_guest

>>> On 09.08.17 at 12:50, <roger.pau@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Append the target vCPU in the messages printed by
> arch_set_info_hvm_guest.

While this is a good idea, I'm not convinced of the use of these
messages in non-debug builds. And if they're to stay, I'd really
like to ask to make them as short as possible (without losing
information), e.g.

> @@ -37,7 +40,8 @@ static int check_segment(struct segment_reg
>      {
>          if ( seg != x86_seg_ds && seg != x86_seg_es )
>          {
> -            gprintk(XENLOG_ERR, "Null selector provided for CS, SS or TR\n");
> +            gprintk(XENLOG_ERR,
> +                    "Null selector provided for CS, SS or TR for %pv\n", v);

"CS, SS, or TR is null for %pv"

If, otoh, they'd be converted to gdprintk() I could live with them
being as long as they are; then I only dislike the frequent double
"for" that you introduce (but clearly that's a matter of taste,
unless native speakers said otherwise).


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