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[Xen-devel] [stage1-xen PATCH v1] init: Add `glide.lock`

Hi Stefano,

`build.sh` does `glide init` followed by `glide up -v` in order to pull
in dependencies for `init.go`.

I ran into two issues -

1. `glide init` automatically starts in interactive mode, which pauses
`build.sh`. This could be fixed with `glide init --non-interactive`.

2. `glide up -v` 

`glide update` dependency resolution breaks with the following error -

[INFO]  --> Fetching updates for github.com/vishvananda/netns.
[ERROR] Error scanning github.com/containernetworking/cni/pkg/ip: open 
/root/.glide/cache/src/https-github.com-containernetworking-cni/pkg/ip: no such 
file or directory
[ERROR] This error means the referenced package was not found.
[ERROR] Missing file or directory errors usually occur when multiple packages
[ERROR] share a common dependency and the first reference encountered by the 
[ERROR] sets the version to one that does not contain a subpackage needed 
[ERROR] by another package that uses the shared dependency. Try setting a
[ERROR] version in your glide.yaml that works for all packages that share this
[ERROR] dependency.


[ERROR] Failed to retrieve a list of dependencies: Error resolving imports

In order to resolve `github.com/vishvananda/netns` dependency and build
correctly we need to use `cni#v0.3.0`.

Following patch proposes introducing `glide.lock` with list of nested
dependencies needed to build `init.go`.


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