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[Xen-devel] Xen Grant table frames for granting access permissions

Hello All,

I am struggling with fixing the allocation of pages to some known physical 
pages used for mapping and granting access between guests.

I want to fix the allocation of pages i.e. their frame numbers to be be mapped 
to fixed physical pages. I only want to do this for pages shared between guests 
for mapping,c opying and transferring data.

Is there any way in linux to change mapping of already allocated pages to some 
fixed physical pages?
I want to change the mapping of pages allocated in kernel used by xen frontend 
and backend drivers to some fixed phsical address range.

I have looked into mremap functionality but it is used by user space 
applications, not by kernel drivers. ioremap maps a physcial address to a 
kernel virtual address space. But I want already allocated virtual address of 
page to a fixed physical page. I want to update its page table entry to point 
to fixed physical page.

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