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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Backend for sound sharing for arm


On 08/10/2017 12:03 PM, ajmalmalib4u wrote:
I need to do sound sharing in RCar H3.
Great that there is some interest in the work we do
I'm just curious, what is the nature of your interest?
Are you going to just use that sound solution or may want
to contribute as well (development/design/testing)?
I am currently using Xen 4.8.0. Itried to patch the guest kernel(v 4.6.0) using the patch series [[RESEND1,01/12] ALSA: vsnd: Introduce Xen para-virtualized sound frontend driver] to add the support for Xen para-virtualized sound frontend driver which was made available a few days ago.

I got some errors which I guess were due to the old kernel version.
the series is based on [1] which is 4.13, this is why
So I downloaded the current stable Linux 4.12.5 from kernel.org <http://kernel.org> and tried to add the patches to it. But the patch failed due to missing fields in snd_pcm_ops in pcm.h. As such, I had to patch the kernel with a different patch series[[v2,02/27] ALSA: pcm: Introduce copy_user, copy_kernel and fill_silence ops],[ALSA: sound/isa: constify snd_kcontrol_new structures][ALSA: gus: remove unused local flag] to add the new fields to pcm.h. Also, I had to copy an SoC specific firmware file[r8a779x_usb3_v2.dlmem] to the firmware directory of the kernel directory. Finally after applying all these patches to v4.12.5 and building the kernel, I got the snd-xen-front.ko file in sound/drivers/.

How can I test whether the sound frontend is working? Is the backend for sound available for sndif.h?

You also need to run a user-space backend [2] in Dom0 and configure Xen store values
(not implemented yet)



Thank you,

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[1] https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tiwai/sound.git/log/?h=for-next
[2] https://github.com/xen-troops/snd_be/tree/vgpu-dev

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