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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] x86/apic/x2apic: Share IRQ vector between cluster members only when no cpumask is specified

>>> Boris Ostrovsky <boris.ostrovsky@xxxxxxxxxx> 08/07/17 4:32 PM >>>
>On 08/07/2017 04:18 AM, Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>>> Boris Ostrovsky <boris.ostrovsky@xxxxxxxxxx> 07/31/17 10:03 PM >>>
>>> We have limited number (slightly under NR_DYNAMIC_VECTORS=192) of IRQ
>>> vectors that are available to each processor. Currently, when x2apic
>>> cluster mode is used (which is default), each vector is shared among
>>> all processors in the cluster. With many IRQs (as is the case on systems
>>> with multiple SR-IOV cards) and few clusters (e.g. single socket)
>>> there is a good chance that we will run out of vectors.
>>> This patch tries to decrease vector sharing between processors by
>>> assigning vector to a single processor if the assignment request (via
>>> __assign_irq_vector()) comes without explicitly specifying which
>>> processors are expected to share the interrupt. This typically happens
>>> during boot time (or possibly PCI hotplug) when create_irq(NUMA_NO_NODE)
>>> is called. When __assign_irq_vector() is called from
>>> set_desc_affinity() which provides sharing mask, vector sharing will
>>> continue to be performed, as before.
>> Wouldn't it be sufficient for people running into vector shortage due to
>> sharing to specify "x2apic_phys" on the command line?
>Yes, it would.
>The downside is that an installer (e.g. anaconda) would then have to
>figure out which systems need to be installed with this specific option.
>Even worse, this problem would show up on systems that have some of the
>processors taken offline (in BIOS) so during initial installation there
>would be no reason to switch to physical. Or a card might be added after
>the installation.
>In other words, I think x2apic_phys is more of a workaround in this case.

I'm not convinced; I'll wait to see if others have opinions one way or the 

>>> @@ -72,9 +73,13 @@ static void __init clustered_apic_check_x2apic(void)
>>> {
>>> }
>>  >
>>> -static const cpumask_t *vector_allocation_cpumask_x2apic_cluster(int cpu)
>>> +static const cpumask_t *vector_allocation_cpumask_x2apic_cluster(int cpu,
>>> +    const cpumask_t *cpumask)
>>> {
>>> -    return per_cpu(cluster_cpus, cpu);
>>> +    if ( cpumask != TARGET_CPUS )
>> Is a pointer comparison (rather than a content one) here really correct in
>> the general case?
>When the caller is using TARGET_CPUS this is an indication that it
>explicitly didn't care about sharing (in assign_irq_vector()). A caller
>might want to have sharing on and provide a mask that has the same
>content as TARGET_CPUS but is stored in a different location. This will
>allow vector_allocation_cpumask_x2apic_cluster() to distinguish it from
>a "don't care" case.

Yes, I can see that intention. But you still wouldn't e.g. distinguish a caller
using TARGET_CPUS() from one passing &cpu_online_map.

>>> --- a/xen/include/asm-x86/mach-generic/mach_apic.h
>>> +++ b/xen/include/asm-x86/mach-generic/mach_apic.h
>>> @@ -13,10 +13,11 @@
>>> #define INT_DELIVERY_MODE (genapic->int_delivery_mode)
>>> #define INT_DEST_MODE (genapic->int_dest_mode)
>>> #define TARGET_CPUS      (genapic->target_cpus())
>>> -#define init_apic_ldr (genapic->init_apic_ldr)
>>> -#define clustered_apic_check (genapic->clustered_apic_check) 
>>> -#define cpu_mask_to_apicid (genapic->cpu_mask_to_apicid)
>>> -#define vector_allocation_cpumask(cpu) 
>>> (genapic->vector_allocation_cpumask(cpu))
>>> +#define INIT_APIC_LDR (genapic->init_apic_ldr)
>>> +#define CLUSTERED_APIC_CHECK (genapic->clustered_apic_check) 
>>> +#define CPU_MASK_TO_APICID (genapic->cpu_mask_to_apicid)
>>> +#define VECTOR_ALLOCATION_CPUMASK(cpu, mask) \
>>> +    (genapic->vector_allocation_cpumask(cpu, mask))
>> I don't see the connection of the change in case of all of these to the 
>> purpose
>> of this patch.
>I need to include asm-x86/mach-generic/mach_apic.h in x2apic.c and

That's solely because of the use of TARGET_CPUS, isn't it? With the above
comment in mind, this could equally well be &cpu_online_map I think, making
explicit what is implicit right now.

>keeping those 4 as lower-case would mess up static initializers of
>apic_x2apic_phys and apic_x2apic_cluster. Besides, switching them to
>upper case would make them consistent with (what I think are) similar
>definitions of the 3 top macros above.

If you really want to go that route, do the renaming in a precursor patch


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