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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen is not booting with updated kernel 4.13 rc3 from UEFI shell

>>> Asharaf Perinchikkal <Asharaf.Perinchikkal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 08/03/17 3:30 
>>> PM >>>
>We have lunched a guest with AGL(Automotive Grade Linux).But its performance
>very low. To overcome this limitation we have updated our host (Dom0) kernel to
>4.13 rc3. Now the xen is not booting with updated kernel from UEFI shell. 
>alone is working fine with kernel 4.13 rc3..
>Request your support to resolve this issue.

Support is not being provided on this list. Did you mean to post to xen-users?
Alternatively, did you forget to include technical details (serial logs etc)? 
from the little bit of information you give this rather sounds like a Linux side
issue ...


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