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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC v4]Proposal to allow setting up shared memory areas between VMs from xl config file


On 01/08/17 00:53, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
On Mon, 31 Jul 2017, Edgar E. Iglesias wrote:
  @role                 Can only be 'master' or 'slave', it defaults to 'slave'.

  @prot                 When @role = master, this means the largest set of
                        stage-2 permission flags that can be granted to the
                        slave domains.
When @role = slave, this means the stage-2 permission
                        flags of the shared memory area.
                        Currently only 'rw' is supported. If not set. it
                        defaults to 'rw'.

  @cache_policy         The stage-2 cacheability/shareability attributes of the
                        shared memory area. Currently, only two policies are
                          * ARM_normal: Only applicable to ARM guests. This
                                        would mean Inner and Outer Write-Back
                                        Cacheable, and Inner Shareable.

Is there a reason not to set this to Outer Shareable?
Again, mainly useful when these pages get shared with devs as well.

The guest can always lower it to Inner Shareable via S1 tables if needed.

I don't think we can support memory sharing with devices in this version
of the document (see above about GSoC timelines). Normal memory is inner
shareable in Xen today, it makes sense to default to that.

I thought we mapped RAM as Outer shareable to guests but you seem to be right.
I think we should be mapping all RAM as Outer Shareable and then let the
guest decide what is Inner and what is Outer via it's S1 tables.
Right now it would be impossible to be Coherent with a DMA device outside
of the Inner domain...

Perhaps we should fix that and then ARM_normal would by itself become Outer.
If there's agreement I can test it and send a patch.

Today, only device memory is mapped Outer Shareable, while normal memory
is mapped Inner Shareable. I am OK with changing the default in
mfn_to_p2m_entry to Outer Shareable for normal RAM if the change would
make it possible to do coherent DMA with more devices on the platform.

Per Table D4-44 in ARM DDI 0487B.a, outer-shareable takes precedence on inner-shareable. So if the guest configures the stage-1 page table with outer-shareable, the resultant will be outer-shareable.

As I pointed out in a previous version, this option is a bit confusing because the value set in stage-2 does not mean this will be the resultant value. I would strongly recommend any user wanting to share memory between guests to read D4.5.4 "Combining the stage 1 and stage 2 attributes" before using this option. Otherwise, he/she will likely be confused and end up to mis-configure the attribute.

The current configuration (i.e "ARM_normal") gives the most flexibility to the guest in term of memory attribute but prevent non-shareable mapping.


Julien Grall

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