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Re: [Xen-devel] PV drivers and zero copying

On 07/31/2017 12:41 PM, Oleksandr Andrushchenko wrote:
> Hi, Joao!
> On 07/31/2017 02:03 PM, Joao Martins wrote:
>> Hey Oleksandr,
>> On 07/31/2017 09:34 AM, Oleksandr Andrushchenko wrote:
>>> Hi, all!
>> [snip]
>>> Comparison for display use-case
>>> ===============================
>>> 1 Number of grant references used
>>> 1-1 grant references: nr_pages
>>> 1-2 GNTTABOP_transfer: nr_pages
>>> 1-3 XENMEM_exchange: not an option
>>> 2 Effect of DomU crash on Dom0 (its mapped pages)
>>> 2-1 grant references: pages can be unmapped by Dom0, Dom0 is fully
>>> recovered
>>> 2-2 GNTTABOP_transfer: pages will be returned to the Hypervisor, lost
>>> for Dom0
>>> 2-3 XENMEM_exchange: not an option
>>> 3 Security issues from sharing Dom0 pages to DomU
>>> 1-1 grant references: none
>>> 1-2 GNTTABOP_transfer: none
>>> 1-3 XENMEM_exchange: not an option
>>> At the moment approach 1 with granted references seems to be a winner for
>>> sharing buffers both ways, e.g. Dom0 -> DomU and DomU -> Dom0.
>>> Conclusion
>>> ==========
>>> I would like to get some feedback from the community on which approach
>>> is more
>>> suitable for sharing large buffers and to have a clear vision on cons
>>> and pros
>>> of each one: please feel free to add other metrics I missed and correct
>>> the ones
>>> I commented on.  I would appreciate help on comparing approaches 2 and 3
>>> as I
>>> have little knowledge of these APIs (2 seems to be addressed by
>>> Christopher, and
>>> 3 seems to be relevant to what Konrad/Stefano do WRT SWIOTLB).
>> Depending on your performance/memory requirements - there could be another
>> option which is to keep the guest mapped on Domain-0 (what was discussed with
>> Zerogrant session[0][1] that will be formally proposed in the next month or 
>> so).
> Unfortunately I missed that session during the Summit
> due to overlapping sessions

Hmm - Zerocopy Rx (Dom0 -> DomU) would indeed be an interesting topic to bring 

>> But that would only solve the grant maps/unmaps/copies done on Domain-0 
>> (given
>> the numbers you pasted a bit ago, you might not really need to go to such 
>> extents)
>> [0]
>> http://schd.ws/hosted_files/xendeveloperanddesignsummit2017/05/zerogrant_spec.pdf
>> [1]
>> http://schd.ws/hosted_files/xendeveloperanddesignsummit2017/a8/zerogrant_slides.pdf
> I will read these, thank you for the links
>> For the buffers allocated on Dom0 and safely grant buffers from Dom0 to DomU
>> (which I am not so sure it is possible today :()
> We have this working in our setup for display (we have implemented
> z-copy with grant references already)

Allow me to clarify :) I meant "possible to do it in a safely manner", IOW,
regarding what I mentioned below in following paragraphs. But your answer below
clarifies on that aspect.

>> , maybe a "contract" from DomU
>> provide a set of transferable pages that Dom0 holds on for each Dom-0 gref
>> provided to the guest (and assuming this is only a handful couple of guests 
>> as
>> grant table is not that big).
> It is an option
>>   IIUC, From what you pasted above on "Buffer
>> allocated @Dom0" sounds like Domain-0 could quickly ran out of pages/OOM (and
>> grants), if you're guest is misbehaving/buggy or malicious; *also* domain-0
>> grant table is a rather finite/small resource (even though you can override 
>> the
>> number of frames in the arguments).
> Well, you are right. But, we are focusing on embedded appliances,
> so those systems we use are not that "dynamic" with that respect.
> Namely: we have fixed number of domains and their functionality
> is well known, so we can do rather precise assumption on resource
> usage.

Interesting! So here I presume backend trusts the frontend.


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