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[Xen-devel] No ARM64 testing in Xen Project Massachusetts Colo

Our remaining arm64 box, laxton1, seems to have died.  The symptoms
are similar to those of laxton0.  I have asked our contractors to
investigate on-site but I expect they will tell me it's dead.

There are therefore currently no working arm64 test resources in the
Xen Project test facility.

Status of the ARM64 hardware, existing and planned:

 laxton0 (SoftIron Overdrive 3000)

   Dead since the 26th of June.  No response from supplier since the
   27th of June.

 laxton1 (SoftIron Overdrive 3000)

   Has a firmware problem preventing reliable reboots (fails 1 time in
   4)  No response from vendor since the 15thof June.  We
   nevertheless kept it in service.  It now appears to have failed

 rochester0, rochester1 (Cavium ThunderX)

   Delivered very recently.  Firmware seems strange and does not seem
   to support netbooting.  Currently engaged with the manufacturer and
   the vendor's support staff to resolve this problem.

 Hypothetical pair of additional SoftIron boxes:

   We have budget set aside, and have informed the vendor of this, but
   we obviously will not purchase more machines unless the existing
   issues are resolved.

 Hypothetical ARM64 embedded boards

   Xen Project ARM community members are investiging the possibilities
   for something that is physically suitable for operation in a
   datacentre (without involving plywood, loose equipment, etc.)

I thought you should be told.


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