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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen checkpatch infrastructure design

Hi Lars,

I was wondering how you deal with the gaps. I suppose these gaps could possibly be covered in clang-format-diff.py

> Of course this info may be out-of-date

I assumed that everything is fine with clang-format and started with python script.

Now I have checked both clang-format-3.9 and 5.0, all of those gaps are still remaining.

Also there are no corespondent changes expected in Clang-6.0 which currently in-progress.

> I wanted to double check, as we had previously looked into clang-format, and it showed some gaps with what it can be used for in Xen coding styles.  Which is why we tried to get > agreement - > and got it - to upstream Xen related changes into clang–format

We did not plan any changes into the clang-format yet. We have to check with Artem our next steps.

Artem is on vacations now.



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