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Re: [Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH v13 19/24] TestSupport: Implement target_subunit_cmd a subunit stream parser into substeps

Anthony PERARD writes ("Re: [OSSTEST PATCH v13 19/24] TestSupport: Implement 
target_subunit_cmd a subunit stream parser into substeps"):
> I think I start by looking at what kind of characters could be part of
> type and sub-type, and just start writing a more complicated regex.
> So is the following would be enough for you?
> m{^Content-Type: [^/ ]+/[^/ ]+(?:;.+)?$}

Why do you need to check the at all ?  I think, according to the spec,
that the only thing which can occur here is "Content-Type: something"
or "]".  What would be wrong with

> > > +                            # Read chunks of a part
> > > +                            while (<$stdout>) {
> > > +                                if (/^([0-9A-F]+)\r$/i) {
> > > +                                    my $chunk_size = hex($1);
> > 
> > What makes you think the digits are in hex ?
> I tried with [0-9] (because DIGITS), but that was not enought. Then I've
> check the subunit implementation, there are using "%X" which is hex.

Wow.  Can you put a comment next to this please ?  Something like

 # The chunk size is in hex, even though this does not seem to be
 # documented in the subunit specification.


> > Since you have to go to the effort of separating out all of this
> > stuff, it might be worth printing these multipart objects with one
> > object per logfile.  Although I won't insist on that because I suspect
> > that multipart results are rare.
> There are usually 3 part per tests, with those names:
>   pythonlogging:''
>   stdout
>   stderr
> And sometime, there is also one name 'traceback'.
> I think stdout and stderr are usually empty.
> I think having one file per part will make it more complicated to
> read logs of a failed test.

OK, leave it as-is then.  (Also, "pythonlogging:''" ?!)

> > I guess the error recovery is to continue until you see "]"
> > and hope.  Fair enough.
> That one of the reason for the subunit-v2, with a binary protocol,
> better recovery.

I don't think that's a good reason.  But this ranting is quite
off-topic now :-).


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