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[Xen-devel] QEMU commit 04bf2526ce breaks use of xen-mapcache


Commits 04bf2526ce (exec: use qemu_ram_ptr_length to access guest ram)
start using qemu_ram_ptr_length() instead of qemu_map_ram_ptr().
That result in calling xen_map_cache() with lock=true, but this mapping
is never invalidated.
So QEMU use more and more RAM until it stop working for a reason or an
other. (crash if host have little RAM or stop emulating but no crash)

I don't know if calling xen_invalidate_map_cache_entry() in
address_space_read_continue() and address_space_write_continue() is the
right answer.  Is there something better to do ?

(A good way to reproduce: Install Windows, so without pv driver.)


Anthony PERARD

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