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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/6] docs: convert manpages to pod

Olaf Hering writes ("Re: [PATCH 0/6] docs: convert manpages to pod"):
> On Mon, Jul 24, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > * There are a lot of other documents in docs/misc/ which are in
> > markdown format.  Some of them are internal.  I'm pretty sure we don't
> > want them _all_ converted.  So even if you convert the manpages, these
> > documents will remain.
> I did not intent to change other files outside of docs/man/.
> Just the references to non-existant manpages triggered this series.

I see.

> Sometimes I wish that xen-command-line.5 exists, but google always
> helped in such occasions.

Do your packages not contain the text files, as text, in
/usr/share/doc ?  If not you could add them and I'm sure users would
appreciate it.

> > * It may be that there are other markdown processors which could be
> > substituted for pandoc - either at runtime or by changing the Xen
> > Project's default, upstream.
> After a quick research there is a ruby "ronn" and go/ruby "md2man". Both
> would have the same dependency issue. Perhaps ruby is less troublesome
> because YaST is written in ruby.

An alternative would be to convert the md to html.

> > * I don't understand why promoting GHC would be a problem.  But, in
> > the worst case, rather than demoting Xen, you could simply not ship
> > certain docs (although - see above about plain text).
> The package ghc is in the tree since nearly 5 years, pandoc since 3
> years. The hurdle is likely that a 4GB DVD is filled quickly. It is
> always a fight to get everyone happy, and ghc is seen as leaf package.

GHC is a compiler, not a leaf package.  Also, I have to say that
nowadays asking for everything to fit on a DVD seems odd.


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