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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v6 00/20] osstest: initial FreeBSD support


This series introduces initial FreeBSD host support to osstest. The
current series allow installing a bare-metal host with FreeBSD and
building FreeBSD on it in order to generate new install media that can
be fed into the installer script.

This is still very limited, since no Xen testing is done on those
hosts, however it sets the base to add a Xen build test for FreeBSD.

Note that it should be quite easy to add more steps to the build
script so that FreeBSD VM images are also generated, that could be
used by osstest.

I've tried to add a detailed commit log at each relevant patch, so not
much more to add here in the cover letter.

The series can also be found on my git repo:

git://xenbits.xen.org/people/royger/osstest.git freebsd_v6

List of patches:

A = Acked
N = New in this version

A 01/20 osstest: make built_stash_file store a path_ runvar
A 02/20 osstest: move known_hosts generation to TestSupport
A 03/20 osstest: introduce helper to get per-host tftp
A 04/20 osstest: introduce a helper to calculate the sha256
A 05/20 osstest: introduce a helper to setup a host to boot
A 06/20 osstest: add executive prefix to
A 07/20 osstest: introduce resource_shared_mark_ready
A 08/20 osstest: add a FreeBSD host install script
A 09/20 osstest: introduce build helpers for FreeBSD
N 10/20 osstest: add prototypes to
A 11/20 osstest: add support for the FreeBSD package manager
A 12/20 osstest: introduce a FreeBSD build script
A 13/20 osstest: add support for runtime_IDENT_hostflags
A 14/20 osstest: introduce a script to set the runtime
  15/20 osstest: change the meaning of need_build_host
  16/20 osstest: add support for FreeBSD buildjobs to
  17/20 osstest: introduce a script to create a FreeBSD
  18/20 osstest: hook FreeBSD flight into cr-daily-branch
  19/20 osstest: save/retrieve the last successfully tested
  20/20 osstest: add anoint dummy script

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