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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 4/4] Xentrace: add support for HVM's PI blocking list operation

On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 7:49 AM, Chao Gao <chao.gao@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In order to analyze PI blocking list operation frequence and obtain
> the list length, add some relevant events to xentrace and some
> associated code in xenalyze. Event ASYNC_PI_LIST_DEL may happen in interrupt
> context, which incurs current assumptions checked in toplevel_assert_check()
> are not suitable any more. Thus, this patch extends the 
> toplevel_assert_check()
> to remove such assumptions for events of type ASYNC_PI_LIST_DEL.
> Signed-off-by: Chao Gao <chao.gao@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey Chao Gao,

Thanks for doing the work to add this tracing support to xentrace --
and in particular taking the effort to adapt the assert mechanism to
be able to handle asynchronous events.

I think in this case though, having a separate HVM sub-class for
asynchronous events isn't really the right approach.  The main purpose
of sub-classes is to help filter the events you want; and I can't
think of any time you'd want to trace PI_LIST_DEL and not PI_LIST_ADD
(or vice versa).  Secondly, the "asynchronous event" problem will be
an issue for other contexts as well, and the solution will be the

I think a better solution would be to do something similar to
TRC_64_FLAG and TRC_HVM_IOMEM_[read,write], and claim another bit to
create a TRC_ASYNC_FLAG (0x400 probably).  Then we can filter the
"not_idle_domain" and "vcpu_data_mode" asserts on that.

What do you think?


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