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[Xen-devel] Missing bits for production usage (was: [PATCH v5 00...)


This is mostly relevant for Ian, but I'm writing it here in case
anyone else is interested.

So far the content of this series works fine in standalone mode, and
in a limited way in production mode: new flights always use the same
base image in order to do the base install of FreeBSD.

Instead osstest should use the output of previous successful flights
in order to setup new FreeBSD hosts, so that osstest is self-updating
the FreeBSD version it uses for tests.

In order to do that, I would need the following set of scripts, that
Ian has kindly agreed to provide:

A script to mark/unmark a $flight.$job as blessed. Marking a
$flight.$job as blessed means that it's build output is never deleted
from osstest storage, a proposed command line would be:

./mg-freebsd-modify-blessed <$flight.$job> <arch> <branch> <bless/unbless>

A script to fetch the latest current blessed flight:

./mg-freebsd-get-blessed <arch> <branch>

This should return a flight number.

In cr-daily-branch upon successful completion the following will be
executed in order to changed the blessed build:

previous=./mg-freebsd-get-blessed <arch> <branch>
./mg-freebsd-modify-blessed $flight.build-freebsd-$arch $branch bless
./mg-freebsd-modify-blessed $previous.build-freebsd-$arch $branch unbless

FWIW, I'm not 100% sure the unblessing of the previous flight should
be done here, maybe it would be better to perform it in one of the
cleanup scripts?

I'm certainly up for suggestions on the interface.

Thanks, Roger.

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