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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH v3 08/24] NUMA: x86: Move numa code and make it generic

Hi Vijay,

On 18/07/17 12:41, vijay.kilari@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Vijaya Kumar K <Vijaya.Kumar@xxxxxxxxxx>

Move code from xen/arch/x86/numa.c to xen/common/numa.c
so that it can be used by other archs.

The following changes are done:
- Few generic static functions in x86/numa.c is made
  non-static common/numa.c
- The generic contents of header file asm-x86/numa.h
  are moved to xen/numa.h.
- The header file includes are reordered and externs are
- Moved acpi_numa from asm-x86/acpi.h to xen/acpi.h
- Coding style of code moved to commom/numa.c is changed
  to Xen style.
- numa_add_cpu() and numa_set_node() and moved to header
  file and added inline function in case of CONFIG_NUMA
  is not enabled because these functions are called from
  generic code with out any config check.

Also the node_online_map is defined in x86/numa.c for x86
and arm/smpboot.c for ARM. For x86 it is moved to x86/smpboot.c
If moved to common code the compilation fails because
common/numa.c is compiled only when NUMA is enabled.

I would much prefer if this patch does one thing: Moving code. The rest should be split out to help review and allowing us to easily verify you only moved code...

+#define NODE_DATA(nid)          (&(node_data[nid]))
+#define node_start_pfn(nid)     NODE_DATA(nid)->node_start_pfn
+#define node_spanned_pages(nid) NODE_DATA(nid)->node_spanned_pages
+#define node_end_pfn(nid)       NODE_DATA(nid)->node_start_pfn + \
+                                 NODE_DATA(nid)->node_spanned_pages
+void numa_add_cpu(int cpu);
+void numa_set_node(int cpu, nodeid_t node);
+static inline void numa_add_cpu(int cpu) { }
+static inline void numa_set_node(int cpu, nodeid_t node) { }

I am not sure why you need to define stub at least for numa_set_node... I can't see use in non-NUMA code. I will comment about the numa_add_cpu later.


Julien Grall

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