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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC v2]Proposal to allow setting up shared memory areas between VMs from xl config file


On 20/06/17 18:18, Zhongze Liu wrote:
1. Motivation and Description
Virtual machines use grant table hypercalls to setup a share page for
inter-VMs communications. These hypercalls are used by all PV
protocols today. However, very simple guests, such as baremetal
applications, might not have the infrastructure to handle the grant table.
This project is about setting up several shared memory areas for inter-VMs
communications directly from the VM config file.
So that the guest kernel doesn't have to have grant table support (in the
embedded space, this is not unusual) to be able to communicate with
other guests.

2. Implementation Plan:

2.1 Introduce a new VM config option in xl:
The shared areas should be shareable among several (>=2) VMs, so
every shared physical memory area is assigned to a set of VMs.
Therefore, a “token” or “identifier” should be used here to uniquely
identify a backing memory area.

The backing area would be taken from one domain, which we will regard
as the "master domain", and this domain should be created prior to any
other "slave domain"s. Again, we have to use some kind of tag to tell who
is the "master domain".

And the ability to specify the attributes of the pages (say, WO/RO/X)
to be shared should be also given to the user. For the master domain,
these attributes often describes the maximum permission allowed for the
shared pages, and for the slave domains, these attributes are often used
to describe with what permissions this area will be mapped.
This information should also be specified in the xl config entry.

To handle all these, I would suggest using an unsigned integer to serve as the
identifier, and using a "master" tag in the master domain's xl config entry
to announce that she will provide the backing memory pages. A separate
entry would be used to describe the attributes of the shared memory area, of
the form "prot=RW".
For example:

In xl config file of vm1:

    static_shared_mem = ["id = ID1, begin = gmfn1, end = gmfn2,
                          granularity = 4k, prot = RO, master”,
                         "id = ID2, begin = gmfn3, end = gmfn4,
 granularity = 4k, prot = RW, master”]

Replying here regarding the discussion we had during the summit. AArch64 is supporting multiple page granularities (4KB, 16KB, 64KB).

Each guest and the Hypervisor are free to use different page granularity. To go further, if I am not mistaken, an OS is free to use different page granularity on each processor.

In reality, I have only seen OS using the same granularity across all the processors.

At the moment, Xen is only supporting 4KB page granularity. Although, there are plan to also support 64KB because this is the only way to support above 48-bit physical address.

With that in mind, this interface is a bit confusing. What does the "granularity" refers to? Hypervisor? Guest A? Guest B?

Similarly, gmfn* are frames. But what is its granularity?

I think it would make sense to start using the full address on the toolstack side, avoiding confusion for the user what is the page granularity to be used here.


Julien Grall

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