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Re: [Xen-devel] A document for Xen release management

Wei Liu writes ("A document for Xen release management"):
> When you think all pending issues are fixed and Xen is ready to be released
> from the last RC:

Mostly LGTM.  Thanks!

[Items numbered in quoted text so I can refer to them.]

> 1. Send out commit moratorium emails to committers@.
> 2. Check all the trees (mini-os, qemu-trad, qemu-xen, seabios, ovmf etc).
> They have the correct commits and all security patches applied. There will be
> tools provided.
> 3. Ask the Community Manager and Release Technician to double-check all
> security patches have been applied. If not, apply them, arrange another RC
> and restart this checklist.
> 4. Ask the Release Technician to tag the trees and make the tarball. Ask the
> Community Manager to update relevant web assets.
> 5. Give the PR Personnel signal to proceed. Cooridinate with him / her on the
> public annoucement.

It is OK to make the tarball after giving PR go-ahead.  So I suggest

 3. Select the release date.

 4. Obtain a formal go-ahead from
      - the Community Manager
      - the Release Technician: ask them to dry-run their checklist
        and confirm everything is OK.

 5. Give PR Personnel go-ahead, and instruct Technician to make
    release deliverables.  (Release deliverables - tags and
    tarballs - will usually be in place the day before the release.)


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