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Re: [Xen-devel] [XenSummit 2017] Notes from the PVH performance session

On 17/07/17 11:09, Juergen Gross wrote:
> Hey,
> I took a few notes at the PVH performance session at the summit.
> I hope there isn't any major stuff missing...
> Participants (at least naming the active ones): Andrew Cooper,
> Jan Beulich, Paul Durrant, Roger Pau Monné and myself (the list is
> just from my memory).
> Following performance problems with PVH, especially when being used
> as Dom0 or in driver domains, have been named to expected:
> - Domain creation will be slower compared to PV Dom0, as especially
>   hypercalls are much more expensive in PVH. Most calls into the
>   hypervisor will result from hypercall continuations. Measurements
>   with a PVH Dom0 based on BSD by Roger showed a slowdown of about
>   factor 3-4 for domain creation.
> - Live migration will have the same issues as domain creation,
>   additionally mapping/unmapping the guest's memory will add more
>   overhead.
> - Backends for PV devices will suffer from worse hypercall performance
>   as well, especially event channel operations, maps and unmaps have
>   been named.
> The following tuning options have been suggested:
> - For live migration add a "mem copy" option similar to "grant copy".
>   This avoids one hypercall compared to "map, copy, unmap" done today.

I presume you mean "This would be one single hypercall as opposed to the
three done today" ?

> - For domain creation a possible solution could be a service domain
>   doing the major amount of hypercalls (this service domain would be
>   PV again, so Wei's idea of PV inside of a PVH container is no
>   option then). Other ideas are asynchronous hypercalls (via a
>   hypercall ring), but this would require some kind of service-vcpu
>   in the hypervisor.
>   This topic has to be discussed further.
> - Backend performance could be enhanced by using "grant copy" instead
>   of "map, use, unmap". OTOH this adds the need for bounce buffers.
>   Depending on the backend type this might be a good idea, though.
> - A general way to speed up some hypercalls might be the handling of
>   hypercall parameters: for some hypercalls parameters could be passed
>   in registers instead of guest memory. This would remove the need for
>   walking the guest's page tables when retrieving those parameters.
>   Hypercalls requiring memory parameters can be sped up by registering
>   the memory buffers and just referencing those buffers when doing the
>   hypercalls. The buffers could be kept mapped in the hypervisor so
>   again there would be no need to walk the guest's pagetables on a hot
>   path. Another possibility would be to use guest physical addresses
>   as hypercall parameters.
>   This should be sorted out and implemented in 4.10 IMO.

And some initial patches have already been posted :)


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